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Abdomen, lymphatic system and breathing

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

First thing I do when patients come to me with complaints about swelling in low extremities is checking the tensions in the abdomen cavity. Apart from improving the pelvic - abdomen - thoracic outlet diaphragms balance, I also focus on releasing the dysfunctions in between the internal organs (visceral ligaments, great omentum connections etc.). Why? Because all these have an immense impact on the lymphatic flow in the abdomen cavity, around organs like small and large intestine, stomach or liver. Releasing dysfunction on the spleen - as the main lymphatic organ - and its connections is also very important.

I also work directly on organs' lymphatics, as lymph has its own flow directions, depending on the level of the body. I make the lymphatic ducts open till the main one in the left part of the thorax. Most of the patients are amazed at how the swelling in legs is gone without touching the legs.

Is it possible to deal with this problem without an osteopathic appointment?

Yes, it is - by practising abdomen breathing and creating the right breathing patterns, moreover directing your breath into different cavities will greatly influence the lymphatic system.

You can book an ONLINE BREATHING and BODY CONSCIOUSNESS SESSION with me if you want to know how to address your breathing in line with the anatomy needs. Just drop me a request in the contact section.

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