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diagnosis + treatment

45 min
📍 ​Osteopathic Health Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

After the detailed interview and diagnostic tests to understand and find the root cause of the problem, I provide manual osteopathic treatment.

Bookings only via clinic:


+ treatment protocol

30 min


Each month I open few spots for new patients to work with online.

Based on a detailed anamnesis (interview) and blood, urine, sometimes additional stool tests to merge it with diagnosis of the root cause of your conditions, I build an individualised treatment protocol that includes: optimising 24h of your day, nutrition, micronutrients supplementation, breathing and stress management methods, best form of physical activity, optional other lab tests or recommendations on other medical professional consultations, all the biohacking tools needed to optimise your lifestyle. Treatment protocol is sent up to 3 weeks after the consultation, tailored to individual patient’s needs.


After booking confirmation, you get an e-mail with all the details about the consultation (how and what to prepare, payments etc.).


Needed lab tests from maximum past 3 months: morphology, ferritin, lipid profile, uric acid, liver panel, CRP, hs-CRP, D3, B12, folic acid, TSH, FT3, FT4, homocysteine, glucose, insulin, testosterone, morning cortisol, urine test.

After 4-6 months (dependent on the patient) there's a follow up consultation required.

Bookings via form below.

Illustrations by Ola Jasionowska

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