About me


I discovered my osteopathy calling back in 2011 after spending six months in a Japanese school in the middle of the forest in Denmark where I practised zen and budo with my Master Ko. Coming from a family of medical doctors, anatomy and diagnostics has always been interest of mine.

I am osteopath, with a double degree: in osteopathy and masters in physiotherapy. I have 9 years of clinical experience in collaborations with the best osteopaths in Poland and Europe. I have treated thousands of patients in Europe and South-East Asia.

Apart from treating, in 2019 I envisioned, developed and launched a clinic for integrative medicine in my native Warsaw, Poland.


In 2020 I also brought to life a Humanitarian Project for NGO ElephantsNow.org, a project that provides healthcare services for people in rural areas of Sri Lanka struggling with human-elephant conflict.

Read more about the project.

Since 2020 I've been practicing osteopathy in pop-up clinic formula, as a nomad osteopath - I opened pop-ups in Sri Lanka, Bali, Spain and Poland. As for the functional medicine practice, I've been actively giving online consultations and building treatment protocols for patients around the world.

I am diagnostician in a first place and my treatment process depends on the result of diagnosis made. I work integratively, including all the three branches of osteopathy - parietal, cranial and visceral. As a functional medicine practitioner, I also take under consideration approaches needed to build a full treatment protocol that include: mitochondrial medicine, microbiology, biohacking, breathing and stress management methods.

I have been honoured to become an academic private assistant for Valeria’s Ferreira student’s visceral courses for Osteopathie Schule Deutschland.

I teach anatomy on Yoga Alliance Yoga Teachers Trainings.

Education, courses, internships & conferences

2022 Institue for Functional Medicine, functional medicine post diploma studies, Washington, U.S.

2015 - 2019 Osteopathie Schule Deutschland, osteopathy studies, Hamburg, Germany

2015 - 2017 University of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland - masters in physiotherapy, thesis on ‘Efficacy of craniosacral therapy in tension-type headache patients’ -  published here


11. 2020 - Hormones and Osteopathy, Online conference by OSD Germany

2019/ 2020 -  Private assistance for Valeria Ferreira, DO, MSc Ost., PGCAP for her student courses in visceral osteopathy for Osteopathie Schule Deutschland


2018 / 2019 - Assistance for student courses for Osteopathie Schule Deutschland


2017 / 2019 - Consecutive translations for Osteopathie Schule Deutschland


11. 2019 - Unlocking the cranial mechanism - modern insights - international conference in Berlin, Germany

10. 2019 - 4th International Congress for Mitochondrial Medicine in Poznań, Poland

04. 2019 - Internship at private clinic Osteonatura by dr Alessio Iacopini, BSc M.S., D.O.M.R.O.I. in Rio Marina, Elba, Italy

11. 2018 - Fascia in the Osteopathic Field - in Clinical Context - international conference in Berlin, Germany


08. 2018 - Dissection Anatomy at Silesia Medical University in Katowice, Poland


03. 2018 - Osteopathy - Medicine of the Future - international conference in Warsaw, Poland


11. 2017 - Osteopathic Philosophy and Models: from Theory to Practice - international conference in Berlin, Germany


09. 2017 -  Internship at International Osteopathic Center by Michael Vittoria and Christian Cirrana - Raab in Milan, Italy

11. 2016 - ANS, Trauma and Osteopathy - international conference in Berlin, Germany
member of Warsaw Osteopathic Group

03. 2015 - National Scientific Symposium - Osteopath Day in Warsaw, Poland

11. 2014 - Craniosacral Therapy, level II, Polish - Canadian Craniosacral Therapy Institue

06. 2014 - Kinesiology Taping, K-Active, Warsaw, Poland

04. 2014 Pelvis - Base of the Body, Polish - Canadian Craniosacral Therapy Institute

04. 2014 - Craniosacral Therapy, level I, Polish - Canadian Craniosacral Therapy Institute