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About me



I am osteopath and functional medicine practitioner, with a double medical degree: in osteopathy and masters in physiotherapy. Currently undertaking my functional medicine post diploma studies. I have 9 years of clinical experience in collaborations with the best osteopaths in Europe. I have treated thousands of patients in Europe and South-East Asia.

Since 2020 I've been practicing osteopathy in pop-up clinic formula, as a nomad osteopath - I opened pop-ups in Sri Lanka, Bali, Spain and Poland. As for the functional medicine practice, I've been actively giving online consultations for patients around the world.

As a diagnostician my treatment process depends on the result of diagnosis made, based on the osteopathy and functional medicine foundations of treating the root cause of the disease.


In 2020 I also envisioned and brought to life a Humanitarian Project for American NGO, a project that provides osteopathic healthcare services for people in rural areas of Sri Lanka struggling with human-elephant conflict.

Read more about the project.


Apart from treating, in 2019 I envisioned, developed and launched an innovative clinic for integrative medicine in my native city Warsaw, Poland. In 2014 I collaborated on envisioning and opening the first clinic for lifestyle medicine in Warsaw, Poland.


At my osteopathic practice, I work integratively, including all the three branches of osteopathy - parietal, cranial and visceral.

As a functional medicine practitioner, I base my diagnostic process and treatment on: mitochondrial medicine, microbiology, biohacking, breathing and stress management methods, longevity research, modern and integrative medicine approach. I specialise in metabolic conditions, GI dysfunctions, autoimmune conditions, sleep deprivations, headaches.


I have been honoured to become an academic private assistant for Valeria’s Ferreira student’s visceral courses for Osteopathie Schule Deutschland. Before that I became the youngest academic assistant for cranial osteopathy courses for Osteopathie Schule Deutschland, after giving consecutive interpretations for anatomy courses.


I discovered my osteopathy calling back in 2011 after spending six months in a Japanese school in the middle of the forest in Denmark where I practised zen and budo with my Master Ko. Coming from a family of medical doctors, anatomy and diagnostics has always been an interest of mine. I've been cultivating on following my purpose to help people access their best health, believing that health is available to everyone if we know how to approach our anatomy.

Education, chosen courses, academic work, internships & conferences

2022 Institute for Functional Medicine, functional medicine post diploma studies, Washington, U.S.

2015 - 2019 Osteopathie Schule Deutschland, osteopathy studies, Hamburg, Germany

2015 - 2017 University of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland - masters in physiotherapy, thesis on ‘Efficacy of craniosacral therapy in tension-type headache patients’ -  published here


11. 2020 - Hormones and Osteopathy, international conference by OSD Germany

2019 - 2020 -  Private assistant for Valeria Ferreira, DO, MSc Ost., PGCAP for student's visceral osteopathy courses for Osteopathie Schule Deutschland


2018 - 2019 - Academic assistant for student's cranial osteopathy courses for Osteopathie Schule Deutschland


2017 - 2019 - Consecutive interpreter for student's anatomy courses for Osteopathie Schule Deutschland


11. 2019 - Unlocking the cranial mechanism - modern insights - international conference in Berlin, Germany

10. 2019 - 4th International Congress for Mitochondrial Medicine in Poznań, Poland

04. 2019 - Internship at private clinic Osteonatura by dr Alessio Iacopini, BSc M.S., D.O.M.R.O.I. in Rio Marina, Elba, Italy

11. 2018 - Fascia in the Osteopathic Field - in Clinical Context - international conference in Berlin, Germany


08. 2018 - Dissection Anatomy at Silesia Medical University in Katowice, Poland


03. 2018 - Osteopathy - Medicine of the Future - international conference in Warsaw, Poland


11. 2017 - Osteopathic Philosophy and Models: from Theory to Practice - international conference in Berlin, Germany


09. 2017 -  Internship at International Osteopathic Center by Michael Vittoria and Christian Cirrana - Raab in Milan, Italy

11. 2016 - ANS, Trauma and Osteopathy - international conference in Berlin, Germany

03. 2015 - National Scientific Symposium on Osteopathy in Warsaw, Poland

11. 2014 - Craniosacral Therapy, level II, Polish - Canadian Craniosacral Therapy Institue

04. 2014 Pelvis - Base of the Body, Polish - Canadian Craniosacral Therapy Institute

04. 2014 - Craniosacral Therapy, level I, Polish - Canadian Craniosacral Therapy Institute

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