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Elżbieta Maliszewska

I have been consulting Karolina on a regular basis since 2014. So it has been 7 years already! I have learnt that when traditional medicine doesn’t help in resolving

your various symptoms, you should’t postpone treating them thinking maybe they will go away on their own. 


First time I sought Karo’s help I reported strong and recurring pains at the back of my head, which had lasted for decades, as well as pains in the upper abdomen. I could sense a thickening just above my belly button though the ultrasound revealed nothing. Each manual treatment brought relief and with time the "thickening" in the abdomen felt much looser, even for the next few months.


Then I suffered from a sport shoulder injury. I was unable to move my arm and the pain even at rest meant that I needed to be on painkillers, only briefly though. With her busy schedule Karo had agreed to see me on Sunday. I left pain free and able to raise my hand up to my waist. After the next session I was perfectly fine again. 


Last year, my husband and I took part in Karo’s 4-day breathing course, which I needed badly due to oxygen shortages in my brain and in my whole body. I’ve always been breathing shallowly and held my breath. Recently my spirometry results came out low too. Now, whenever I feel unwell, I immediately apply what Karo taught us on breathing techniques and I’m feeling better right away.


Most recently, Karo relieved me from shortness of breath and chest pain in my armpit area, all in just a minute. She also helped me a lot with her tips on drinking warm water when an abdominal migraine wakes me up at 4 am. A few sips of warm water and deep breathing work wonders for me, as migraine symptoms allay.

Marzena Molka Chojnacka

I decided to meet Karo after listeing to her instagram stories on sleep – on how important it is in our life and what devastating effect can sleep deprivation have on our metabolism (this one is about me). Enchanted with this newly gained secret knowledge I popped up, by the way, in Karo’s pop up office. She took my detailed medical history, asked loads of questions, analysed my medical tests results and offered a huge dose of information on a healthy lifestyle, nutrition. All these well backed up by her medical knowledge. I was given an action plan and faced with an important question – what’s all this? Pretty serious for a starter to my impression, but don’t worry, on your first appointment she won’t ask you what’s lymphatic system nor where the thymus is located in your body.


I really like Karo’s holistic approach, putting together different, seemingly unrelated facts. It opens your eyes and gives you hope for a better future. She is very gentle with her patients, but I can very well imagine she knows the "the Wuxi finger hold" just like Kung fu Panda does. I’m very glad with the appointment we had and have a message to you all – drink a lot of warm water !!!

Maria Przybyszewska

Karo is a great doctor. She has an extensive knowledge, an exceptional approach to patient and her incredibly precise manual treatment techniques heal for real.

Thanks to Karo, I have learnt how to take full care of my body. I have decluttered it and acquired healthy habits (which I thought I had already had), including exercising on a regular basis. I also stopped judging myself harshly and assuming that my body was useless. I came to Karo’s office believing I was very sick and it turned out that actually I am not.

I trust Karo’s recommendations. I know that I will make use of her knowledge for years to come and I will listen carefully to all her lectures.

Edyta Wendrowska

I came to Karo feeling helpless after many years of trying to relieve my headaches my back pain and chronic fatigue. Karo carried out a detailed interview on how I felt and what was bothering me. She examined me and recommended appropriate blood tests, which all made for a reliable diagnosis. 

Karo is very precise and gives simple and clear steps to follow.

I feel much better after each appointment. I feel much stronger and healthier without taking enormous amounts of supplements or painkillers. I was surprised to learn that Karo's treatment and small changes introduced to my diet were enough to make me feel so much better. Interestingly, it is not only my physical health that improved, but my mental one too. I feel stronger and calmer. I sleep better and have more stamina for my family life and work. While before it all seemed impossible to me.

Seeing Karo was an excellent decision! I would recommend it to everyone! 

Małgorzata Saczuk

I first visited Karo over 2 years ago, mainly because I was suffering from dizziness, back and neck pain. Karo has won my trust right of the bat, thanks to her extensive knowledge, her professional approach to patients and a thorough medical interview she carries out. Of course, the fact that my symptoms subsided and I felt immensely better after each appointment contributed too. For the past two years I’ve being seeing Karo whenever she is in Poland, which basically means I look forward to her arrival as a children do to Santa's.


To me Karo is a master of her craft and I trust her 100 percent. Every appointment brings a relief both to my the body and my soul.  She emanates incredible peace affecting those around her right away. Several weeks ago, I had a breathing session with Karo and I keep on practicing techniques that she taught me. These really save me in stressful situations and in my everyday life as well. Karo is an absolutely amazing specialist, and all the knowledge she shares on appointments and on IG I do soak up like a sponge. I recommend her with all my heart! 

Kamila Gawędzka

Karo is a world class specialist – very efficient, professional and full of empathy. Two years ago I made the best possible decision to put my trust in her. She healed my aching shoulder, improved my lymphatic system, gave boost to my body's general health and recommended an appropriate bowel treatment. She made me feel 10 years younger! Thanks to her I am healthy. Now my visit to her office are more preventive – I go to see her for manual treatment or have an online session, when she is out there in the world, pursuing her international career.

Zuza Jankowski

I came to see Karo mainly due to a discomfort I felt in my hip. After the first treatment session the discomfort was gone entirely, and that’s how it has been ever since. Karo did not attend to my hip issues only – she treats all conditions in a holistic way and she does so very attentively too. After a couple of sessions, apart from having my hip “fixed”, I got proper supplementation scheme and I gained much better understanding of my body and the way I can tune to its needs. Additionally, on one of my visits Karo successfully treated my bladder infection and offered a lot of background knowledge on this condition. Karo has a profound knowledge, tons of experience. What’s more she has a great skill of treating each patient as an individual, in a complete, holistic manner.

Daniel Kołodziejczyk

I saw Karo in January as I was suffering from chronic headaches. I felt well taken care of right away. After taking my thorough medical history and performing treatment Karo recommended supplements and further medical tests, so that we could get to the bottom of my aliments. Karo is an extremely nice person, good to talk to and undoubtedly she is a master in her field. Unfortunately, my problem turned out to be a very complex one, so it has not been solved yet. However, I was given advice and guidance on how to improve my condition. We stay in touch so I really appreciate Karo’s dedication and I strongly recommend her!

Zuzia Mockałło

Karo is the best specialist I have ever came across. She would consider the most unexpected things to connect the dots together and find the root cause of a problem. I like to say this is magic, because problems that had been with me for so long that I thought were to last forever, she solved with such ease. But that’s not magic, but rather Karo’s knowledge and experience. She helped me immensely in improving the way that my entire body functions, but also in recovering from physical injuries I suffered. I am very grateful to Karo for all her effort in taking care of my body and health and for her commitment and support in doing that. I wish everyone could find themselves in such good hands.

Thank You!

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