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Lymphatic system in the spotlight

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

There is no strong immune system without a functioning lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is our main "cleanser" getting rid of large protein molecules. The spleen, which is the main lymphatic organ, detects potential threats from at least viruses and produces lymphocytes to fight them and produce antibodies.

Each internal organ is surrounded by a network of lymphatic vessels and nodes to filter lymph (lymph) and cleanse the body of metabolite by-products. Thanks to the neurolymphatic system, it is possible to reduce inflammation caused by disease as well as injury. According to research over the last 15 years - there is no disease/syndromes on metabolic grounds, e.g. IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), fibromyalgia, primary headaches, etc. - without the involvement and malfunctioning lymphatic system. It is the first system of defense, daily regeneration and support of the nervous system & cognitive functions and also building our vitality.



  • you wake up sleep-deprived,

  • you lack vitality and physical strength,

  • you have impaired ability to concentrate and so-called 'brain fog',

  • you are often sick (regular weaknesses are enough to disable you at least partially from daily functioning),

  • you suffer from metabolic disorders (thyroid/ pancreas/ intestines/ stomach etc.),

  • you are after a head injury/accident,

  • you have swollen limbs or phlebological (venous) disorders

  • You drink an insufficient amount of water

  • Your diet is low in fatty acids and high in carbohydrates

- these are signs and indicators of a dysfunctional lymphatic system.

Fortunately, the lymphatic system responds quickly to changes both from the therapeutic side - osteopaths place great emphasis on its fitness - and at the level of changing our daily habits. In a simple, everyday way, we ourselves can support it with proper breathing, physical activity, a clean diet and drinking water.


1. physical activity

The lymphatic system is fit if it is constantly moving and pumping. Walk, run, or best of all.... jump on a skipping rope. There is no easier or more efficient way to get the lymphatic system moving - a skipping rope is the most apt purchase for years to come. Add inverted positions to your daily hygiene of the lymphatic system - you don't have to stand on your head or on your hands right away, after a long day throw your legs up against the wall for 15 minutes, breathe into your abdomen and help the venous-lymphatic drainage. click here for a 10-min jump rope training for beginners

 2. help yourself with tools

Gua sha, dry brushing, lymphatic kinesiotape'ing - simple and inexpensive solutions that introduced into your daily hygiene along with plenty of water (warm! the more when you consume coffee or alcohol) and an unprocessed diet - will transform your daily cleansing. Your main tool is your breath, so start with the basics, because without it, none of the others will help. Remember to make blood tests - check for elemental deficiencies, which will have a huge impact on lymphatic function.



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