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Low back pain

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

You come to an osteopath with low back pain. Osteopath touches different parts of your body like abdomen, rib cage and cranium however almost doesn’t touch your low back and yet…the pain is gone.

According to research, only in 25% the area of pain covers the area of actual restriction and the real cause of the symptom. To find the cause that expresses itself with pain, osteopath - in process of evaluation and diagnosis - compares segments of the body and screens through all body systems. Even though patient complains at the back pain, there are multiple reasons for what’s causing it such as e.g. the tension held on the internal organs (kidneys/ colon etc.) and ligaments in-between them, the tension in the craniosacral system and the dura or restrictions in the diaphragm and its fascial connection (e.g. Tolds fascia).

Neither massage nor exercise will treat the lower back pain in the long term, as not only the area of pain and the musculoskeletal system need to be addressed, but - via specific anatomy knowledge - correlations between the systems have to be screened.

Osteopathy is a manual medicine. It’s a diagnostic approach, where treatment and techniques used are only the effect of the detailed anatomy understanding.

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