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Kidney as one of the main cause of lumbar pain

Kidney is surrounded by the renal (kidney) fascia - it's a kind of sack where kidney is placed. This sack is also connected to thoraco- lumbar fascia that is connected with lumbar area muscles. As kidneys travel hundreds of kilometers during the day up and down due to diaphragm movement, they are also influenced by every bending, sitting movement and by any kind of vibration (e.g. while driving a car). According to that - change in a position of the kidney drags the whole thoraco- lumbar complex and it happens really often that decreased kidney mobility locks the movement in the mentioned area. This leads to pain symptoms and increased muscle tension. Manual „unlocking” the kidney by osteopath, freeing kidney's mobility - improves the movement in the thoraco- lumbar region and decreases the lumbar pain.

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