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Karo Domarańczyk - diagnostician, osteopath, functional medicine practitioner. Bringing health since 2014.

Osteopathy appointments at Osteopathic Health Centre Dubai.

Functional medicine consultations online.


Długowieczność jest o zdrowym życiu,
czyli o medycynie przyszłości


Fundamenty Długowieczności

Nowadays there is way too much of everything going on around us. We come across gazillion of theories and ready-made guides for a healthy and happy living, which usually all turn out to be pretty fanatical in the end.  And then you meet Karo. Her approach is very clear-cut and professional – no sugar coating, no gibberish, no pretentiousness. Once you have consulted her, it suddenly turns out all you have once been told like your pelvis is crooked or one leg is too short is not true after all. When I leave her office, my head is clean – my brain’s usual constant tornado slows way down. All the pieces of the puzzle finally come together and everything just makes more logical sense. Karo approaches any problem holistically and thoroughly, while maintaining common sense and balance – this is how I see her.

Ola R.

I highly recommend Karolina as she helped me with her holistic and profesional diagnosis and treatment - proper laborartory test results finally showed what is the main issue in my body. I was struggling with my stomach and digestion issues for very long time and basic medicine couldn't help. After the online consultation with Karo I finally felt that this is the right way to get well again. Karolina is very professional, her knowledge and individual attitude is impressive. With the proper laboratory test and proper nutrition that Karolina recommended, I feel calm and day by day I am feeling much better.


After long years of wandering from one doctor to another without getting a precise diagnosis of my chronic health disorders, I finally met Karolina and got my hopes for a recovery back. She holds not only an in-depth knowledge of dysfunctions I have been suffering from and on the human health in general, but she could also lower my pains through manual therapy sessions. Thanks to her recommandations I did specific medical analyses thanks to which I got finally (!) a precise diagnosis of my troubles. I am grateful for her help and I highly recommend her as a very reliable and dedicated professional.


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